Donna Ewen, Features Writer, Evening Express

When did you join DC Thomson?

I joined in 1991

What’s your role in DC Thomson?

I have worn three hats since I joined the company. I initially started as a part/time, front-of-house receptionist. As a local girl I had the added advantage of knowing lots of people in Aberdeen. I used to have daily chats with the then Editor, Dick Williamson, and would frequently give him tip-off’s about what was going on in Aberdeen.  Within a short time he offered me the opportunity to join the Evening Express news team as editorial assistant.  I soon discovered a passion for writing, and I was fortunate enough to join the Features Department. I have worked in the Features Department for the past 17 years. I cover a wide range of topics: I take care of the Bride of The Week feature, and I’m also responsible for the Bride of The Year Supplement. I also take care of property, fashion, beauty, consumer products, wines, tried and tested products, bingo, interview celebrities, and contribute to the news pages when I can. I am particularly interested in history, and enjoy writing a feature called Flashback which takes a look at the headlines from days gone by. I am also a food critic, and for the past two years have enjoyed representing the Evening Express as a curry judge in the Aberdeen Curry Awards. Finally, I also oversee all the press trips for the Evening Express, and am delighted to have managed to secure some amazing trips for my colleagues, including Caribbean cruises, skiing in France, and visiting the vineyards of Italy, to name only a few.

What makes your working day enjoyable?

I enjoy the variety my job brings. Two days are never the same. I also feel empowered in my role as both the Editor Alan McCabe and his deputy, Craig Walker, trust me to get on with it. I am exceptionally well organised (just a notch short of a control freak, albeit a very nice one!). I enjoy being part of the Evening Express family.

Tell us a little about the part you play in making DC Thomson a success?

My contribution, and what makes me the proudest – is in all these years I have handled and written sensitive stories I have never once had anyone come back to complain that I have misrepresented them, misquoted them, or failed to grasp the point of communicating their story as they would wish it to be told. I have earned a good reputation from people out-with the company as one who is trustworthy, and I’m usually the first point of contact. I frequently secure stories and leads on the strength of the contacts I have made through the years.

What is your highlight of being part of DC Thomson?

There are so many highlights for me. It would be difficult to pick only one.  In every respect I feel fortunate to have what I consider to be a dream job. I work, and have worked with some incredibly talented people over the years, but the main thing that has stood the test of time is, even after 24 years, I still enjoy coming to work every day.