Dawn Donaghey, Head of Content, Sunday Post

When did you join the Company?
I started in 1993 as part of the DC Thomson Training School – spending three months studying law, shorthand and writing and subbing skills before we were despatched to various different offices for on the job training.

What’s your role in DC Thomson?
After my training I got my first job as a Reporter for the Sunday Post. I was delighted. Since then I’ve worked in various teams across the company – from Courier features to district offices, and in roles from writer, sub and columnist to production editor and content manager and then as Communications Manager as part of a Change team. In 2011 I was delighted to be able to return to the Sunday Post as, first, Content Editor and now Head of Content.

What makes your working day enjoyable?
The variety of my job is fantastic. Because I work across content it keeps things fresh and interesting. I can go from conference where we discuss the big news stories planned, to choosing cover shots for our magazine, from campaign planning to talking to columnists or working with the team on ideas or stories or from planning the front page to reading pages like Oor Wullie and The Broons! All in the same day. My team is scattered about the country – London, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen – and hooking up on video link each week to share ideas, work collaboratively – and of course have a bit of banter – is a great part of the job.

No matter what part you play in the end result, that teamwork and the feeling of completing an edition is an adrenaline rush like no other. Some would even say it’s an addiction!

Tell us a little about the part you play in making DC Thomson a success?
As part of the Sunday Post senior team, of course part of my contribution to the business is working with, leading and managing the teams to produce a newspaper and magazine each week.  But, for me, being part of the business offers so much more than that one sentence conveys. I, and the rest of the team, are constantly working to keep up with the digital times; devising new platforms and products which help support and grow commercial opportunities – all while continuing to produce high quality exclusive news, sport and features weekly.

What is your highlight of being part of DC Thomson?
My career highlights are numerous but are very much around stories I’ve played a part in changing people’s lives, pride as The Sunday Post team won Scottish Newspaper of the Year 2013 and being part of a family success story that has changed, adapted and survived for 200 years. But most of all, meeting and working with brilliant, creative, clever people from all walks of life, every day.