Barry Mackie-Conlon, Front End Developer, Digital

When did you join DC Thomson?

September 2011.

What’s your role in DC Thomson?

I am a Front End Developer within the Digital team; I’m responsible for the design, build and interactivity of our digital products.

What makes your working day enjoyable?

I’m in a privileged position. I get the opportunity to trial and work with the latest digital products and technologies in the industry. I’m also fortunate to work with a talented and highly creative team.

Tell us a little about the part you play in making DC Thomson a success?

In my role I’m able to influence and contribute to the direction the Company takes on our digital products and how we can implement new developments and standards from the industry.

What is your highlight of being part of DC Thomson?

Recently, I was the principle designer of the fully responsive Energy Voice website redesign that launched in Q4 of 2014.