There are many teams and brands that make up our newspapers team. DC Thomson has been producing newspapers since 1886 with the Press and Journal existing in print since 1776 (making it older than the United States of America). We are extremely proud of our heritage and continue to invest in developing some of the most successful regional newspapers in the country. Our aim is to create dynamic, modern and relevant brands across different platforms that mean our readers turn to us first to know what is happening in their area.

We publish almost every day of the year. To bring high quality newspapers to our readers takes combined effort from a number of diverse and dedicated teams.

At the core of our newspaper brands are our editorial teams. From talented journalists to creative page production teams, each title has a dedicated editorial team that understand their readers and provides compelling and engaging content about issues that matter to them. Our content aims to be challenging, incisive and entertaining for our readers both in print and in digital formats, including content produced for web only, so our titles are multi-media.

Our motivated and driven advertising, marketing and commercial teams work with read determination to offer commercial advantages to advertisers and great deals for our readers.

We have a skilled production team that produce in excess of 12 million newspapers every month. Keeping the printing presses working with constant deadlines requires effective team work and slick processes, something our team manages on a daily basis.

Our newspaper sales team work with retail partner to make sure our newspapers are on the newsstands ready for our readers every day. We value every reader and ensure our direct delivery and customer service is the best in the industry.