Sonja Cox, Assistant to the Editor, The Press and Journal

When did you join DC Thomson?

In April 1989, 26 years ago! When I was only 12….

What’s your role in DC Thomson?

I initially applied as a journalist as I trained at London College of Printing for Channel 4 Teletext, but the only vacancies at AJL at the time were in Applemac designing adverts on Macs. I took that job as a way in before being spotted by the P&J Editor because I could spell as well as design… I worked as a graphic designer for editorial, when graphics were the new big thing, then started making up pages and supplements, and before I knew it, I was coming up with ideas for the new daily pull-outs you see today – Your Home, Your Car, Your Weekend, Your Job and Your Life.

I was lucky enough to be made Features Editor, my journalist training and design knowledge means I can be very hands on, churning out lots of good stuff. The new press has brought the privilege of working on new magazines, such as YL and Elegance.

What makes your working day enjoyable?

Bringing out a quality product every day, which thousands of people take the trouble to go out and buy (and read), makes me very proud. And of course the people I work with.

Tell us a little about the part you play in making DC Thomson a success?

YL magazine is my main focus at the moment, and between me and my well-oiled but tiny team of writers and designers, we bring out a quality supplement every day. I’m now Assistant to the Editor too, which is a great privilege, but of course brings more responsibility.

What is your highlight of being part of DC Thomson?

I feel valued because I get a lot of praise (and sometimes some criticism too!) from above, but I feel my team plays a big part in the success of The Press and Journal, producing revenue generating supplements that readers love.