Mike Dee, Digital Sales Manager, Newspaper Advertising

When did you join DC Thomson?

In June 2014

What’s your role in DC Thomson?

Having spent 10 years working in media in London, I came on board as a Digital Account Manager before being made Acting Digital Sales Manager in September 2014. My role was confirmed in January 2015.

What makes your working day enjoyable?

The challenges and opportunities that are ahead of us!

Tell us a little about the part you play in making DC Thomson a success?

The media landscape is rapidly changing, and digital media is constantly evolving; my role is to ensure we use our brands to connect clients to their customers across multiple platforms. We have hundreds of thousands of people each month accessing our Aberdeen and Dundee titles through laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. and my role is to help the sales teams understand how this can be a huge business advantage to our customers.

What is your highlight of being part of DC Thomson?

Working as part of a team of people who are responsible for the future of one of Scotland’s oldest and most well-known companies.